2014 February

Stills from UVA MOOCs

Sense of Place

We’re presenting this month at both SXSWedu and the¬†Association of Collegiate Computing Services of Virginia, and while I think of the work we do less as technology and more as communication/education, there’s no denying that we live at the intersection of these two crafts. We’ll be talking with the good folks from UVA’s Office of […]

The Age of Jefferson

The “Age of Jefferson” is our sixth MOOC (Massive Open Online Course), and having a foot in Charlottesville, this is a special one for us. We’re right honored to have created this with the University of Virginia, Monticello, and our friends at Silverthorn Films. This course launched on President’s Day. It never ceases to amaze […]

After The Oil Spills

Primary Sources

There’s nothing like being there. “After the Oil Spills” was crafted as part of a larger case study on Crisis Management for the Darden Graduate School of Business. We worked closely with local government, the Coast Guard, fisherman and local NGOs to disentangle the web of stakeholders involved in the cleanup and created this piece […]