Sense of Place

Stills from UVA MOOCs

We’re presenting this month at both SXSWedu and the Association of Collegiate Computing Services of Virginia, and while I think of the work we do less as technology and more as communication/education, there’s no denying that we live at the intersection of these two crafts. We’ll be talking with the good folks from UVA’s Office of Online Learning about how we instill a sense of place in the online courses we’re creating with UVA. This has been the strategy from the start – while it’s a bit more work to get out of the studio and wander the beautiful grounds of The University, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity of taking advantage of one of the world’s most beautiful campuses (also a UNESCO World Heritage Site) for these projects. It’s made a difference too – students report that the visuals increase their engagement and we’ve had many report that having the opportunity to see what’s really happening in Charlottesville has motivated more than a few visits to Grounds. We’ve been approaching MOOC production at UVA with this mindset for over a year now, have filmed hundreds of lectures in this style, and have come nowhere close to running out of visually stunning, and contextually appropriate, backdrops.

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