national parks service


The high point of 2015 was being given the opportunity to serve as artist-in-residence with the National Park Service in Shenandoah. In my first two weeks in Shenandoah, many Appalachian Trail thru-hikers were just nearing the halfway point of their journey. I’d only been there a day, and hiked a few miles when a young […]

Leadership Lessons from the Theater

I directed this doc 5 years ago and it is amazing (to me) how the time has flown. Many members of the cast/class were in town this week for their 5-year reunion, and some of the good folks from the school just touched base with me to let me know they’re still using this piece at conferences […]

After The Oil Spills

Primary Sources

There’s nothing like being there. “After the Oil Spills” was crafted as part of a larger case study on Crisis Management for the Darden Graduate School of Business. We worked closely with local government, the Coast Guard, fisherman and local NGOs to disentangle the web of stakeholders involved in the cleanup and created this piece […]